Safetynet Helper failIf you happened to be at Subway today trying to pay for a six inch veggie patty sub and noticed that Android Pay was no longer functioning on your systemless rooted phone, it’s not anything you did. Don’t bother trying to restore the ROM or revert back to an older version as Android Pay is just dead son.

People are verifying that with no changes to the ROM something in Googleville has changed, and the results are much like the DC Rebirth comic series – kind of sucky.

The result is theoretically Android Pay is now more secure than before, but for those of us who live life to the rooted edge we’re once again without the option to tap to pay.

You can verify whether your rooted phone is capable of tap & pay today by using Safetynet Helper which will tell you that it’s broken, but no clue as to why.

I’d like to go into a rant about this, but I see Google and the card issuer’s issues with it, and considering potentially millions of dollars are at stake, I’ll just keep my grumblings to myself.

You can read about it here, here, here.

Hopefully there will be another hack soon. Having to break out a piece of plastic to pass information from a magnetically encoded strip to a card reader to pay seems so last century.