Ice View

HTC 10 official Ice View

I can’t say for certain when the Ice View case from HTC actually became available because, well, I wasn’t paying attention. After purchasing a $4 dot view case for my old M9 (wife’s future phone,) I decided I wanted to try it when it became available as dot view is actually pretty useful.

Anyway, the HTC 10 Ice View cases are now out and in stock according to Amazon, out of stock according to HTC. Both are around $50 for a thin case.

Of course there are knockoffs for $5.77.

Guess which one I bought.

There’s also Ice View in Red (or gold, or green, black, blue, other colors I don’t believe exist,) for $17.99.

An Anoke “Smart Weak Up” version (yes, weak) for $15.58

HTC 10 Ice View case knockoff

$5.77 version on Amazon

And plenty of other options where you could get 3-4 for the price of an original HTC Ice View.

From everything I can see all of these cases are just rendered images with the $5.77 version I bought looking like it’s actually using the HTC image with a different background.

But who knows. We’ll see if I’m impressed or depressed when the $5 one show up.

If you’ve been wanting to play with Ice View on the HTC 10 it’s available now.