Connected Home


Technology in general, and mobile technology specifically, continues its steady march into our everyday lives. The technology focus in most of our lives has shifted from a PC used at work or home to powerful portable computers that we carry with us everywhere we go. High speed wireless connections are nearly ubiquitous and allow for devices and services to integrate into our homes in new ways.

Our homes are smarter than ever. You can do things like close your garage door from the office or feed your pet from anywhere in the world. The possibilities are almost endless. Through this series on The Connected Home we’re going to look at products that aim to improve or reinvent everyday interactions around the house.

There are powerful new ways to interact with your home and new products are introduced all the time. That said, the list of connected home products we’re reviewing for this series may grow and you can always check back here for a comprehensive catalog of articles in the series. We’ll update the list below with links to each review post as they become live.