[Deal] PNY Elite Portable USB3 SSD on Fire Sale direct from PNY: 240GB $60 & 480GB $102

We’re not really a deal site; frankly we’re not a deal site at all. And we haven’t reviewed these PNY SSDs, but we trust PNY and the Amazon Reviews are 4Stars; thoughts:

  1. these initially shipped with “New Drive” in Chinese instead of English, but this has been fixed.
  2. These apparently get wicked hot
  3. It sounds like 480MB is marketing stretch, you’re looking at around 330 write聽/ 300聽read (oddly it’s usual reversed)

FakeSpot gives both PNY and this Product an A; and verifies the 4 Star reviews.

For PNY orders use code SIGNUP15 for 15% off and Free Shipping
PNY Elite Portable USB3 SSD 240GB $60 PNY $80 Amazon
PNY Elite Portable USB3 SSD 480GB $102 PNY $130 Amazon

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