roottoolsSo you’ve got a fancy phone with no expandable storage and your favorite couple of apps as well as Facebook are suddenly taking up all available free space. What can you do? Pretty much nothing is what, at least until now (or relatively soon).

AppBox is a root app in development (and an invite-only beta,) that will allow taking an app off of your phone, shoving it into the cloud, and using it only when you want it. It’s also the first root app I’ve seen in a while that does something new and interesting enough to make me want to try it.

Anyway, it’s in an invite only beta right now which you can read about in the source link below. Throw your name into the hat if you’re interested

It requires root, an internet connection, and I’m not too sure how it’s handling the cache, but it’s something to keep an eye out on as suddenly that insanely limited Android you purchased with no expandable storage that after a year is bursting at the seams suddenly might be useful again.

Obviously this wouldn’t be useful for huge apps you use constantly, but it might find a use for at-home-only games by setting up your own little cloud/FTP when you get home. I seriously don’t need Boom Beach at the office, and similarly there’re a bunch of larger apps I do not need at the house that I use in the office.