Facebook video has been around for a while, and for quite a while it’s been actually pretty good. Fortunately the fine folk at Facebook have decided to remedy the one good thing about their bloatware tracker app and automatically play audio as videos are scrolled past according to the BBC.

Yup, auto play audio because it’s been long enough since the Volkswagen Scream commercial that people have forgotten what internet video is really for.

TL;DW mumble mumble mumble mumble SCREEAAAAAAMMM ah a Zombie!

There will be a setting to disable autoplay, and sound autoplay, however since the vast majority of people do not ever go to the settings you can expect a series of articles decrying how Facebook could do this to us and, once again, why did someone have to post that screaming goat while they were at the library.

It’s probably not the end of the world as we know it, but I predict a rise of videos that look just like Facebook text that start playing something and then explode in very NSFW noises that result in people throwing their phones to get them to stop.

Then again, I predicted the same thing about people posting a sick child picture asking for an amen and then when they got several thousand changing the pictures to “can I get an amen from those who beat their spouses?” and that’s only happened a few hundred thousand times.

The feature is said to be rolling out sometime this year. It will be able to be disabled with two to three taps and a second or two, and will take you a 28 minute long call with your inlaws to fix.