[YMMV Deal] “Operation Coffee Break” 16GB Apple iPad Mini4 $74 @Walmart

Looks like Walmart is clearing out the Apple iPad mini4, based on multiple rumors of a March announcement/replacement this kinda makes sense.

  1. This is Brick&Mortar only
  2. This is YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)
  3. The way Brickseek works is you drop your zip code into the appropriate field and it tells you who has stock.

Around me, there are two golds and one silver for $74, the colors are at separate stores, one 20mi West, one 40mi East. It looks like these are not popular in Beverly Hills, so dropping “90210” into the zip code shows stock in multiple colors at multiple stores [1121 EST].

Brickseek for Space Grey Apple iPad mini 4 16GB Wi-Fi

Brickseek for Silver Apple iPad mini 4 16GB Wi-Fi

Good luck hunting. Remember this is the real upgrade from mini2/mini3; has the TouchID, so Apple Pay, wifi ac, BT 4.2, a 3.5mm jack, Dual-core A8 processor, and 2GB of Ram.
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