Bodyguardz Pure ArcThe Samsung Galaxy S8’s curved screen allows for a lot more scratching potential, so before you’ve scratched the screen all to infinity, grab a properly fitted curved screen protector.

I don’t have a lot to say about this particular product as I don’t have it in hand, just that I’ve tested their items in the past. As past results might not indicate future performance, do your own research. Your phone’s screen will eventually get scratched without a case or a screen guard I can pretty much guarantee though.

You can head over to the Bodyguardz site to pick up a Bodyguardz Pure Arc curved glass screen protector, which looks surprisingly easier to apply than most screen protectors due to the curve.

BodyGuardz Pure Arc

To be clear, this is not a product Paul has tested although they did offer it to me (I don’t have an S8.) We’re also getting no commission or compensation for this. Just posting this. If you’ve got a review of it, please post it below.