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You might recall my mad dash to get a terabyte of storage from Google Local Guides back in the day. Once you reached that peak there was nothing.

You reached the top of Google Local Guide mountain and cried because there were no more worlds to conquer.

Not anymore. New points systems are rolling out, level 10 is now the max, and they’re trying to bait you to reach at least level four by offering three months of Google Play Music/YouTube Red or discounts on movie rental with it.

There doesn’t seem to be much more there except a point structure change. I think I was a level five before, I’m level six about to be seven. Ten is the top.

Most points are now awarded for adding a place.

If you’re in the local guides and looking for a way to level up fast just drop by some neighborhoods with a lot of popup businesses. Should get you up on the point horse quickly doing Google’s job for them.

Maps contributionPoints earned
Review5 points per review
Rating1 point per rating
Photo5 points per photo
Answer1 point per answer
Edit5 points per edit
Place added15 points per place added
Fact checked1 point per fact checked

Level 7, where I’m about to hit is 5,000 points. While they are attempting to incentivize you to go on, Level 8 is three times that, 9 is ten times that, and level 10 requires me to contribute enough to earn 100,000 points.

I’m not exactly feeling the need to level up any more.

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