Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrapIt’s been a while coming, but as of today Google is rolling out a feature to Google Home that will allow you to call people in your contact lists (assuming it recognizes your voice).

Unfortunately they will probably not answer the phone because the phone number will be hidden or say unknown, or no caller ID. They’re working on that, but for now just assume everyone who answers suspects you’re a telemarketer.

If you’ve got Google Voice or Project Fi supposedly you can finagle a way to show your name and number on caller ID. As with all things, I’m assuming somehow the Sprint integration probably was botched, overlooked, and otherwise will not work.

So yeah, go ahead and get your “I can’t hear you the Google Home is on a shelf” excuse ready when someone asks you to bring your truck over and help them move.

Google Home cannot call another Google Home yet.

[Google Blog] by way of a tweet referencing ArsTechnica