Had an interesting (to me,) thing happen this morning where I asked Google Home to set a reminder for an allergy appointment two weeks from today. Instead of two weeks from today it set it eleven days from today. I caught that a little later when looking at the appointment on my phone.

TL;DR – Google Home is unreliable for setting an appointment unless you tell it the date.

I figured it misheard me and tried again and once again it set the appointment that was supposed to be on Wednesday August 16th for Sunday August 13th when I asked it to set the appointment “two weeks from today”.

I asked Google Home what the date was two weeks from today and it answered Wednesday August 16th. I asked it once again to create an appointment two weeks from today and it set it once again on Sunday August 13th.

So anyway, two weeks is occasionally eleven days, and if you’re not paying attention your voice assistant can screw you over.