We have looked at products from Azulle before and although excellent devices most of those have been lower end PCs. We will be looking at another device in the same category soon however we have been given access to a press release for an entirely new tier of computers from Azulle. The new Inspire appears to be a serious attempt at challenging larger manufacturers. It is family of systems that offer more flexibility and expandability than we have seen previously from Azulle.

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Looking through this release(also available as a PDF Inspire Press Release 2017 ) we have a very exciting fanless system on our hands. At 334.99 I expect the i5 version to offer the best price/performance ratio for the available configurations. I expect these to be popular among small business and in signage applications. As well as anywhere the ability to hide out of sight, or to drive multiple(up to three assuming that display port multi stream is an option) high resolution panels is the goal. Scaling up to 32Gb of ram and offering NVMe storage(at least on the i3/5/7 models) should make these very responsive systems for a wide array of applications.