iClever Boostcube+ 40W 4-port USB charger overview

The iClever BoostCube+ IC-WB41W is a wall charger capable of 8amps of charging across four ports, or up to 2.4 amps per port.

It features multiple protections against overheating, current issues, short circuiting. It does not, however, feature Qualcomm Quick charging, so if you’re in that ecoverse it’s probably a deal breaker for you.

The iClever BooseCube+ comes with 18 months free replacement warranty, and lifetime support although what support you could need other than it working I’m not quite sure of.

I don’t see anything that particularly sets this apart from the pack other than it feels built better than most sub $25 chargers.

It works, does what it’s supposed to do, appears to deliver 8 amps, doesn’t get hot, and is under $20. I can’t say there’s anything I’m enthused about, it’s a charger, it does the job, looks nice, good price. Company’s been pretty consistent in getting out decent stuff, of which I have reviewed and use a few of their products on a daily basis.

You can grab an iClever Boostcube+ over on Amazon for $19.99 right now and charge all those gadgets in your household… or at least four of them at once.