Radio Silence. And no more redirect!

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We’d like to apologize for the quietness on the site. We had the database go sideways twice over the weekend. On Saturday November 4th, 2017 there was a database issue, Crowdgather support, the people who own Pocketables, fixed it.

However, on Sunday November 5th the database went crazy! It wasn’t returning either the pages or postseffectively resulting in a time out that wasn’t apparent to users. On the backend, when we were able to login it appeared that the pages; and posts;tables had dropped, though our tags;and categories;were still live which gave us a little hope. We were nervous. The issue was quickly reported.

Paul put in the redirect in the theme itself to the Update on TheITBaby to explain what was going on and try to allay fears that we had been owned given the SQL injection bug that coincided with our downtime (update your WordPress!). We came back online around noon Eastern, Thursday November 9th.

We’re back, and turning things back on slowly, to make sure it isn’t a plugin that was vulnerable or incompatible that was causing the problem. We haven’t able to identify from the logs we have why the DB was timing out.

We’re sorry for the downtime, but we’re back, and you can expect new contact soon. We’ve mostly been in “Disaster Recovery” mode, trying to get the site up and trying to figure out what happened.
-Paul, Daniel, Rob, Mat, and Ben


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Ben C

First phone: Wall-mounted rotary dial.
First cellphone: Motorola StarTac (dozens of antennas)
First Android: Droid Incredible: rooted, ended up on CM
Current: Nexus 6P (2nd) on LineageOS & Amazon Fire 7" (Fire_Ford 2015) NEXUS ROM
Other stuff: OSX, FreeBSD, FreeNAS, Debian, AWS, Ubuntu, OpenWRT, DD-WRT, support a bunch of Mac Homebrew stuff, and contribute where I can on GitHub. Particularly involved in the Open Humans and MyCroft AI communities.
Fun stuff: dad, photographer, dog-owner, Subaru owner, water and nature lover.