The past three weeks have seen an invasion of my house by friends and family, the loss of approximately 130 sq feet to toy sets that don’t break down, a fondue party, a dead server at work, clogged water supply line (yeah, that’s a new one,) and a few work issues that have just tied me up, spanked me, and called me dirty names.

It’s been a bit dead around Pocketables, probably will be until the second week or so of January when temperatures soar to the low 30s and CES is over.

I’m working on a couple of reviews and a couple of how-tos in the meantime. If you have any questions or are wondering how things work feel free to drop a line, but here’s some of Paul’s upcoming which will be done when things settle down.

Gamevice review for the Note 8/S8/S8+. The gamevice is a little thing that gives you analog and digital controllers, sort of set up line a Playstation or XBox controller. You can see them here.

1go Go Play digital sound recorder. Basically a wearable that might get you studio quality sound for your videos. Waiting on a software update on this one. You can see the indiegogo campaign here.

Two Bluetooth trackers, the XY4 and the Mynt.

More with the Cognitoys STEMASAUR.

And perhaps a PI3 project, some fun things you can do with Google Home (hey google, what’s cooler than cool?) and perhaps a jump to a new domain.

Oh, random CES note – CES2018 spam communications I’m getting now include a lot of marijuana stores, dispensaries, whatever they’re called. I’m expecting to run into some very crunked noobs.

Any questions, tutorials you’d like, whatever, drop a line. Will be attempting to return to daily dilly dally soon enough.