Looking for a security product

Hey all, asking for help here. I’m looking for an existing product that can signal from out at a car to inside a house when there’s movement in (and perhaps check the vicinity to see if someone’s standing outside,) a vehicle, and preferably some IFTTT integratable solution so you can sound an alarm on every device you own, or realize it’s 8am and you’re heading to work.

Here’s what’s going on. My neighborhood is unfortunately somewhere between the up and coming and the here and now areas of Nashville. Last night there were about 14 car break ins if the neighborhood group is to be believed, several were locked. Windows were not busted.

With the proliferation of bump keys, several thousand “how to open <car brand> in under 30 seconds” videos on YouTube, and fob signal cloners/extenders, combined with sometimes people just forget and we’ve got multiple bands of roving thieves testing every car every night, my neighborhood’s getting sacked.

Looking for an existing solution that will trigger an alarm, won’t false alarm, and doesn’t require a ton of setup to get it working in basic format that we can pop into some of the vehicles around here.

Does anyone know of such a product that currently exists? Yes, I could build it, no I’m not going to build it. Basically a proximity sensor tied into IFTTT would work, but hoping there’s a done and done solution.