In case you blinked, The Mouse now owns X-Men and F4

Marvel logoOn December 14th, 2017 Disney and Fox agreed to a $52.4 billion deal for Disney to get Fox’s IP (notably for the Marvel fans Deadpool, Fantastic Four, X-Men.) The deal was befarged by Comcast/Universal rather recently waving $65 billion in Fox’s face, but the original Disney offer was accepted, although at $71.3 billion, or a 40% markup.

While I’m generally reluctant to endorse Disney, or any one company holding all the cards, they’ve done a pretty good job with the MCU in terms of producing enjoyable films (no you can sit back down Thor: The Dark World, we’re not talking about you,) and I don’t think it’s possible to do any worse than any of the Fantastic Four’s four flops have done.

With the recent introduction of Incredibles 2 I don’t think Disney is going to have too much of a problem with the language of Deadpool, although it does make me wonder if Disney wants to be in the business of putting out R rated superhero comedies. Logan for that matter, although the best rated, was not exactly Old Yeller… ok, actually it is, but nevermind.

Ah well, we’ll see I guess.

And thus, my geekdom over the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is done, and probably Pocketables coverage thereof is probably done for.

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Paul E King

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