Just a heads up, the old Pocketables forums are being converted and moved to Tapatalk hopefully within the next week. It’s been a long and strange trip for them and I didn’t realize how many people actually used the forums as go to material for old devices.

The long version of the story is an email I wrote in March during the purchase of the site got answered last week and passed along to people who are working on it now.

The vbulletin software we were using was vulnerable to multiple exploits, and we couldn’t get it updated, so we shut the forums down to new users. Then they used the exploits to bypass the shutdown and post. So then we removed the links.

They didn’t make it in the move. The data stayed behind in a database that could not be touched except by vbulletin. Hopefully that version will be going away and we’ll have the data back and running with all the old useful info in place.

Really, it’s been an interesting trip to where we’re at, I have no idea how to stress how common a 4 month response window was.