Nintendo Switch OnlineYesterday when I saw that Toad from Super Mario was trending I thought “oh yes, today Nintendo is starting their Switch Online … what the actual eff?

So, yeah, Nintendo Switch Online will forever be entwined with that bit of news.

Anyway, it’s out, and you can get it after a system update. There’s a free 7-day trial after which it kicks in at $4 a month or so, or you can pay $20 for a year, or there’re plans for families, etc etc etc.

Included with Switch Online are some classic games. I played some Excitebike and Super Mario Brothers 3, they played well, there’s a bunch more I plan to “research” later.

I didn’t actually use any of the online functions, I’ll be Mario Karting with friends in another state tonight if all goes well.

You can read about pricing and plans and availability here.