Google Home’s most frustrating/useful feature appears improved

Google Home Hub initial impressionsYou’re probably familiar with asking Google Home to find your phone, the experience usually is “I found a few phones, would you like me to ring your Habichuta SLX-31060721351.T?” followed by you answering yes, and then it saying “ok, ringing your Habichuta SLX-31060721351.T now.” after a three second delay.

As of today it appears that asking it to find your phone simply starts the phone ringing. Or at least it did for the two accounts I tested it with.

Still no fix for getting it to shut up about retraining the voice model on your (missing,) phone when it doesn’t recognize your voice. Screaming at it “I’d retrain it if you’ll help me find my damned phone you stupid hunk of plastic!” still doesn’t seem to help.

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Paul E King

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