Lenovo 8″s sold out, but the 10″ ones are $70 off at Best Buy

Lenovo 10" Smart Display with Google AssistantI went yesterday to purchase my third Lenovo 8″ Smart Display with Google Assistant, this one for not telling because I know you’re reading my articles. We’ve found it to be the first enjoyable video communication experience with the kids and are attempting to spread the love / give the kids some empowerment, and let a 3yo and 5yo communicate without telling someone on a landline “see, look at my teeth!”

Video chat’s really pretty great on Duo.

Went to Best Buy, they’re sold out of the 8″ tablets, but the 10″ ones are $70 off and if you’re looking for a Google Home Hub it looks like they may have overestimated the demand on those. I mean seriously, they went all in on the Google Home Hub it looks like (they’re also $49.01 off as of this writing and have some sort of $10 reward.)

Anyhow, the normally $249.99 Lenovo 10″ Smart Display with Google Assistant is currently $70 off and available at Best Buy. If you click our link I think I make $6, not entirely sure of the terms of that deal.

I did not walk out with the 10″ one as my wallet is a tad tight until payday and I have diapers to buy. I’m really digging the video chat and forcing my iPhone and Android using people to install or set up Duo because yeah, it’s great.

Paul E King

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