Ingress: The Animation, now on Netflix

Many moons ago in 2013 while trying to find something fun to do with a newborn baby that got us out and active, me and Kim stumbled across Ingress, and thus was born some side-trekking for the greater good.

After a year of sleeplessness that went mostly to the wayside, and after a year more of so-so gameplay in my neighborhood and some crazy arbitrary Ingress management decisions about portals and cheaters, I wandered away.

And today, it’s on Netflix. Anime-style complete with the unneeded gasps, looking over before grabbing an object that you could grab blindfolded, an organization named after a famous internet rabbit, and a war for the very souls of humankind.

Ingress: The Animation is TV-MA, so not for kiddos. It was also supposed to be released sometime last year, which is evidently what the 2018 date on it is.

I can’t imagine I’ll be watching it for a few days, but if anyone has any reviews feel free to drop in and comment.

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Paul E King

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