Talk Like a Pirate Day: “Yarr, me IPTV provider’s Xtreme Codes management backend t’wer absconded and befargled.”

What’s a lawyer Pirate’s favorite letter? Wait for it… the Sea… what did you think I was going to say R? And after many Sea(se) and desist letters, international law enforcement actions against Xtreme Codes have taken down the majority of pirate IPTV providers in the world.

Oh yeah, its Talk Like a Pirate day in case you were unaware.

While the takedown didn’t target the pirate IPTV providers, it appears Xtreme Codes was effectively the backend management engine of most of these pop up branded IPTV providers.


Evidently IPTV piracy was more dependant on one service than you would have believed. Confused? Prepare to be more confused.

There be a treasure map

While Xtreme Codes captains may be walking the plank, on the horizon appear other services capable of handling the backend day to day operations of IPTV piracy.

What is kind of amazing is that this was not decentralized. This is circa 2006 The Pirate Bay level operations.

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