The Sprint Note 8 VoLTE really works (for me at least)

For the past couple of years I have hated talking on the Note 8. It’s got a good mic, but the service was abysmal. WiFi Calling and the VoLTE beta were, for me at least, abysmal failures.

A couple of days ago the official VoLTE rolled out and I expected very little from it as I’d been using the beta on and off for the past few years and was not impressed. If I was talking to my boss the usual line became “hold on, let me get to a landline and call you” because it sounded like I was talking underwater.

Several phone calls since the update, it’s good. I advise diving in and giving it a go. It’s once again breathed life into a two and a half year old phone (ancient in these times).

Then again, I generally advise installing updates just to prevent whatever exploit of the week is around.

I haven’t re-tried the WiFi calling. That’s on the agenda for today but everyone seems to be not in the office these days.

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Paul E King

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