T-Mobile to give 3G the boot

If your device isn’t capable of VoLTE it’s probably not going to function on the new T-Mobile/Sprint unified glob of a carrier according to documents obtained by Android Police. Specifically it’s shutting down 2G and 3G voice networks leaving only the 4 & 5Gs.

AT&T recently started warning customers of similar issues starting in 2022, but this looks like T-Mobile’s going to be ahead of the game and start in January of 2021.

Before you panic, if you’ve got a 4G capable phone chances are extremely good that it’s going to work. If you’ve got a smart Kid Tracker that operates on 3G, might have some bad news for you.

Beginning August 4, 2020 it appears non-compliant phones will not be allowed to be activated on the T-Mobile network.

My guess is with having to support 15Gs it was getting to heavy… I kid, I kid… old stuff

This will make some of those pet and kid tracking devices useless so prepare for a slew of new kid and pet tracking devices to be coming out to support increased US carrier obsolescence of the Old Gs.

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Paul E King

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