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Samsung YV-150 for digital voice recording

Because a lot of digital audio players these days are equipped with built-in microphones for voice recording, a common question I get asked is how

July 11, 2007 Accessories

Review: iriver clix 2 cradle

One of the most uniquely designed and stylish accessories made exclusively for use with the iriver clix 2 is its official cradle, which not only


HTC Advantage docking station costs $140

Since I’m already waiting for what feels like forever for my HTC Advantage to arrive, I may as well shop for some accessories. Fortunately for

June 27, 2007 Accessories, Microsoft, UMPC

TrekStor readies 250GB DataStation pocket t.ub

Unsolicited press releases that appear in my inbox usually don’t interest me, but this one about TrekStor’s upcoming USB-powered portable external hard drive caught my

June 27, 2007 Accessories

Review: Noreve Archos 704 WiFi leather case

Unlike a lot of portable gadgets these days, the Archos 704 WiFi portable media player (PMP) is bundled with a substantial set of accessories that

June 25, 2007 Accessories, Reviews

Review: Noreve iriver clix 2 leather case

If you’re on the prowl for a top-quality leather case worthy of your new iriver clix 2, premium accessory manufacturer Noreve has you covered (no


WildCharger will charge gadgets wirelessly

It isn’t clear yet exactly how the technology will work, but WildCharge Inc. (the self-professed "leader in wire-free electric power delivery") is on track to

June 12, 2007 Accessories

Cover your Nintendo DS Lite with a "kimono"

Having actually worn a kimono for Japanese-school assemblies and performances, I have to say that RosenQueen’s new DS Lite covers ($25) bear a striking resemblance

April 03, 2007 Accessories

RAM mounts for Sony Vaio UX series

According to a recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association, U.S. consumers will spend more than $11 billion this year on gadget accessories. Faced with

March 28, 2007 Accessories, UMPC

Beat Mini USB portable gamepad

Here’s a nice little solution for computer gamers who are interested in using a UMPC or other handtop as an on-the-go gaming system (processor issues

March 21, 2007 Accessories
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