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Voice assistants potentially susceptible to inaudible commands

Can you hear me now? No? that’s OK – your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod voice assistants probably did loud and clear, and

May 11, 2018 AI, Amazon, Apple, Google

Is your home spying on you? Maybe, who’s asking?

Can you say your home assistant isn’t spying on you? As voice AI from Siri, to Cortana, Echo, Alexa, and Google Assistant invade everything from

April 30, 2018 AI, Amazon, Google, Hacks

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s HomePod

On February 9th, there’ll be a new player in the smart speaker market, Apple’s HomePod. How does it stack up to other, well-established speakers such

February 07, 2018 2018, AI, Apple, Reviews

Guest post: Google’s Machine Translation is moving us closer to general AI

Today’s guest post comes from Rachel Wheeler of Morningside Translations. Edited for formatting Google’s Machine Translation is Moving Us Closer to General AI Artificial Intelligence

February 02, 2018 AI, Google

JBL Link 300 Review – The Premium Google Assistant Experience

Pocketables is no stranger to the Google Home and its Google Assistant and we’ve certainly discussed the issues with Assistant. But the Google Assistant has gotten

December 19, 2017 Accessories, AI, Google, Pocketables, Reviews
Voice assistant mic 0

Voice assistance shouldn’t be this dense Google

I’ll set the scene – yesterday my 4yo had been good at school, she had one request in the car and that was that I

September 26, 2017 AI
Cognitoys STEMosaur 0

Cognitoys STEMosaur launches on Indiegogo

Imagine a product like Google Assistant for your child that could also teach them to code and instill a desire for learning new and interesting

September 20, 2017 Accessories, AI, Good and EVO

Tech questions pondered on sleepless nights

I’ve had a fun run of insomnia lately. As far as I know it’s unrelated to anything, but we’re at about two weeks where I’ve

August 29, 2017 AI

Video Tutorial Building Your 1st Mycroft skill with python & an API 6:30pm EDT

We’re excited to announce that guest poster Brian Hopkins  @br1anhopkins @btotharye is back with another Mycroft adventure! As you’ll remember from Brian’s last Pocketable’s article, Mycroft is an OpenSource

July 13, 2017 AI, Hacks, IoT, Linux, Tutorials

Guest Post: Out with the Alexa and in with the new J.A.R.V.I.S courtesy of Mycroft AI

Today’s guest post is courtesy of: Brian Hopkins  @br1anhopkins  @btotharye So after spending a good bit of time at Pycon over the past week and a

June 06, 2017 AI, Free, Hacks, IoT, Linux, Pocketables
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