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A Quick Look at the Lenovo 8 inch Smart Display

A few months ago I was able to review the Lenovo 10 inch Smart Display. Today, we’ve gotten in the 8-inch version for a quick

November 08, 2018 Android, Reviews
DigiCase 0

Something new comes: The DigiCase

The DigiCase is a phone case with a second screen on the back of the phone. Dual screen phones are not a new thing, but

September 25, 2018 Accessories, Android

How Amazon and Google made me switch from Android to iOS for good

I’ve always used multiple platforms, normally an iPad + Android phone + Windows computer, but with some variation. Tasker has single-handedly kept me on Android

September 19, 2018 Amazon, Android, Apple
Fortnite 0

Fortnite installer was easily hackable, just as a note

If you’ve followed Fortnite on Android’s development you know that Epic Games decided to bypass the Google Play Store and go straight to their own

August 27, 2018 Android, Apps

Lenovo Smart Display Review

Way back in January 2018 Lenovo and Google announced the Lenovo Smart Display. It’s the first of its kind Google Assistant device with a screen

August 21, 2018 Accessories, Android, Google, IoT, Reviews

BLU Products Changes Course

BLU Products is known for producing unlocked Android phones and releasing them at a blistering pace. We’ve covered our fair share of them here at

August 21, 2018 Android, BLU, News, Pocketables

Pokemon Go now scans local storage for traces of rooting on Android

I used to play Pokemon Go a lot. I hit level 40 last summer, then stopped playing. My primary reason for doing so was my

August 18, 2018 Android

Moto Z3 Play Review – The Best Z Phone Yet

Motorola is back with another entrant into the Moto Z family, the Moto Z3 Play. The phone supports the same Moto Mods (packs that attach

August 16, 2018 Android, Moto, Reviews

Sport tracker vs smartwatch: MI Band 2 – review

I bought my smartwatch LG Urbane nearly three years ago. I had been super excited that it would change my life and free me from

July 28, 2018 Android, Reviews
Motiv Ring activity tracker 6

Motiv Ring activity tracker – out of beta on Android

If you want a fitness watch but you don’t particularly like watches, Motiv is a ring that does what a fitness watch can do. TL;DR

July 26, 2018 Accessories, Android, Apps, Reviews
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