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roottools 4

Things I learned when I gave up root access

Back in October 2017, my beloved rooted, S-OFF, HTC 10 had a run in with a repair shop. It didn’t survive. Well, actually, it survived

May 28, 2018 Android
OnePlus the Journey to Six 0

OnePlus, the journey to Six

Cut and pasted from Topcut email contribution to us Can you name the number of smartphones in Samsung’s current smartphone lineup? A lot to remember,

May 23, 2018 Android, News
HTC U12+ 2

New flagship, the HTC U12+ unveiled

Cut and pasted press release follows: Bigger, Bolder, and Edgier Than Ever: HTC Unveils Its Newest Flagship, the HTC U12+ ‘Live on the Edge’ with

May 23, 2018 Android, News

The Best Thing About the Android P Beta

I installed the Android P Beta on my Pixel 2 XL as soon as it was released last week during Google’s I/O conference. There are

May 16, 2018 Android, Editorials
What might be a ZTE phone broken 0

ZTE’s unlikely savior might be Donald Trump

In one of the odder bits of news over this weekend Donald Trump says he’s working with President Xi of China (Xi Jinping,) to get

May 14, 2018 Android, News

How to send dynamic data from KLWP to Tasker

In most cases, the relationship between Tasker and Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker is one where Tasker sends data to KLWP, and KLWP triggers tasks in Tasker. The former is

Locked up Keyboard from Pixabay 0

LG keyboard/handwriting remote vulnerability getting exploited/patched

It appears the default LG keyboard and handwriting apps had problems that allowed for a hacker hanging out in a coffee shop (or just their

May 11, 2018 Android
ZTE Skate 1

ZTE main operations reportedly cease due to U.S. ban

After receiving a ban last month from using any US made products for the next seven years ZTE, China’s second biggest telecom equipment maker, says

May 11, 2018 Android, News
WiFi Analyzer 8

How to set up that 2.4GHz device on your dual 2.4/5 network

I received a plethora of 2.4GHz-only devices this week, and my network is a dual 2.4/5GHz with one SSID name and I’m pretty happy with

May 07, 2018 Android, Apps

How to use JSON to send large amounts of data to KLWP

In a previous post I went over over how awesome JSON is as a tool for Tasker. That post laid the groundwork for talking about something

May 02, 2018 Android, Tasker
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