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Carista Vehicle Management System Review

Carista is an app for managing, customizing and diagnosing modern automobiles from specific manufacturers. It allows you to do things like change the behavior of

November 09, 2018 Accessories, Apps, Reviews
Inbox and Gmail 2

Goodbye Inbox, we barely knew you

For the past four years Google’s Inbox has been the experimental playground for features that eventually ended up in Gmail, so it’s not really a

September 12, 2018 Apps, Google
Fortnite 0

Fortnite installer was easily hackable, just as a note

If you’ve followed Fortnite on Android’s development you know that Epic Games decided to bypass the Google Play Store and go straight to their own

August 27, 2018 Android, Apps
Google Fit overhaul 1

In a fit Google says F’it, redesigns Fit

The new Google fit turns your health into goals and gamification with Move Minutes, Heart Points, and there should be a third thing here but

August 21, 2018 Apps, Google
natural Cycles 0

Rhythm method meets an FDA approved contraceptive app/device

While there are plenty of rhythm method contraception apps out there, the FDA has finally approved an app-based contraceptive program called Natural Cycles with a typical

August 14, 2018 Apps, News
Motiv Ring activity tracker 6

Motiv Ring activity tracker – out of beta on Android

If you want a fitness watch but you don’t particularly like watches, Motiv is a ring that does what a fitness watch can do. TL;DR

July 26, 2018 Accessories, Android, Apps, Reviews

Remember Google Now back then? Well now Now’s cards are showing in Assistant

Google Now’s predictive cards were cool, they’re back and available in Assistant now, although they may take some time to get to you as with

July 18, 2018 Android, Apps, Google
Weave the Line 0

Four fun games you can play on a plane

I just got back yesterday after taking the red-eye from San Francisco to Nashville (from Oregon, but that wasn’t a red-eye) and being unwilling to

July 16, 2018 Android, Apple, Apps, Games
Google Podcasts 2

Google releases dedicated Podcasts shortcut

I f you’ll recall, Google recently got into the podcasts game, and did it pretty well for a first day app from within Assistant. Today,

June 19, 2018 Apps, Google
Grasshopper learn to code 0

Grasshopper – learn some coding for free

Grasshopper is an app that claims to help you learn to code by showing you examples and having you modify existing code in order to

June 04, 2018 Apps
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