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Olala SG1 magnetic bluetooth earbuds

With more and more flagships seemingly thinking that 3.5mm audio should go the way of the dodo more and more companies are offering Bluetooth earbuds.

October 21, 2018 Audio, Pocketables, Previews

When your coach is AI! Soul: Run Free Pro Bio headphones

Give me two wheels and I’m happy. Put me in running shoes and I will regret every cake I ate. Cycling, although it’s “my thing”,

September 21, 2018 Audio, Pocketables, Reviews

Deep dive into music with Sensport Rave 1 – review

Due to the physical properties of the sound waves, waterproofing has never been the main focus in the audio industry. I can appreciate the honest

September 19, 2018 Audio, Reviews

Alexa in a cup holder! Omars Dogo review

Once a while I get my hands onto a gadget that really sparks my interest. Taking Alexa with me (other than Amazon Alexa app) sounds

September 10, 2018 Audio, Reviews

Take a selfie with a speaker? What? – Dodocool DA84-1 review

Here is an idea, let’s make a small speaker that takes selfies. Said no company ever! Actually, Dodocool has just that in their offer! The Dodocool

July 25, 2018 Audio, Pocketables, Reviews

Softly wrapped Dodocool DA150 Bluetooth speaker – review

A portable speaker with a handle? The way I use my portable speakers it makes sense to add one! The Dodocool DA150 Bluetooth speaker comes with

July 21, 2018 Audio, Pocketables, Reviews

Ampridge Mighty Mic S+ Review

One thing that can be said of any video recorded on a smartphone is that the sound fails to impress. Our phones just aren’t built

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