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Giveaway: Sensport Rave 1 Bluetooth speaker

Hey All! It’s giveaway time! Good people at Sensport offered one Sensport Rave 1 speaker! You can read the full review here. I’m going to

September 21, 2018 Giveaways, Pocketables

When your coach is AI! Soul: Run Free Pro Bio headphones

Give me two wheels and I’m happy. Put me in running shoes and I will regret every cake I ate. Cycling, although it’s “my thing”,

September 21, 2018 Audio, Pocketables, Reviews

Deep dive into music with Sensport Rave 1 – review

Due to the physical properties of the sound waves, waterproofing has never been the main focus in the audio industry. I can appreciate the honest

September 19, 2018 Audio, Reviews

Alexa in a cup holder! Omars Dogo review

Once a while I get my hands onto a gadget that really sparks my interest. Taking Alexa with me (other than Amazon Alexa app) sounds

September 10, 2018 Audio, Reviews

Do magnetic cable break navigation? Dodocool magnetic cable DA125S-4

It’s been on my mind since I first seen magnetic cables online. Would the magnetic tip disrupt the navigation? I finally get to answer this

September 03, 2018 Accessories, Reviews

Get WhatsApp voice notifications & translations in native languages with Tasker

If you are fortunate enough to be bilingual, you’ll quickly understand the shortcomings of Android OS (others too) when it comes to speech. True, the

August 31, 2018 Pocketables, Tasker

Who needs a smartwatch? – Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review

After my Mi Band 2 review, I came to the conclusion that Android Wear cannot justify its price tag. I’m referring specifically to LG Urbane,

August 14, 2018 Reviews

Battery backup for petrolheads – Audew Jump Starter Battery – review

Ever wished your battery bank was more than just the backup power plan? You are not alone. I had these thoughts for some time as

August 13, 2018 Accessories, Reviews

A better way to store Tasker credentials

I do Tasker tutorials, I also share the files for you to download. This means I have to be very careful what information I share

August 06, 2018 Tasker, Tutorials

Annoyed with dozens of AutoApps populating your app drawer? Here is a fix!

If your love for Tasker is as big as mine, you have the AutoApps subscription, and the access to each AutoApps plugin ever developed! There

July 31, 2018 Pocketables, Tasker, Tutorials
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