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facepalm 2

Just stop it already Google. Stop it.

Another year another Google text/mms/chat client, this one called “Chat,” an RCS messaging client. This according to an exclusive on The Verge. We’ve pretty much

April 19, 2018 Google
U-Verse Speedtest 2

A day spent ditching Comcast and getting AT&T’s U-verse

Part one: The ditching of Comcast It’s not the best kept secret in the world that my experiences with Comcast on a regular basis have

April 19, 2018 Pocketables
T-mobile 0

T-Mobile pays $40M for Michael Winslowing customers

T-Mobile USA has agreed to pay $40 million to settle a complaint after admitting it did not complete phone calls, and generated fake ringing content

April 18, 2018 TMobile
The Ungrip solution 0

Get a grip on your phone with the Ungrip solution

Think of Ungrip as a soft piece of fabric you can place around your finger that reminds you your phone isn’t falling to the ground

April 18, 2018 Accessories, Reviews
What might be a ZTE phone broken 5

7-year ban imposed on U.S. companies selling to ZTE

Yikes! ZTE has been banned from using any hardware products (and possibly software,) originating in the United States for the next seven years. This after

April 16, 2018 News
HBO Logo 4

A disappointing week with HBO on Amazon

Last week something came out that got me to try a free 7-day trial subscription to HBO, that being the Andre the Giant documentary. Amazon

April 16, 2018 Amazon
Fingerprint Action pro 1

Fingerprint Action Pro puts gesture control on the fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint Action Pro is a neat idea that takes your fingerprint scanner and turns it into a slightly more useful piece of hardware by allowing

April 13, 2018 Apps
Zuckerberg 1

Zuckerberg v unprepared Senators brings interesting question up

Zuckerberg’s been in the hot seat for the Cambridge Analytica fiasco lately, and by hot seat I mean being questioned by people who think the

April 13, 2018 Apps

SprinT-Mobile talks back on

It’s possible that under the command of T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere and merged with T-Mobile, Sprint could become something more than a $32 billion long

April 11, 2018 News, Sprint, TMobile
FTC Logo 3

FTC tells companies they can’t condition warranty coverage based on parts/services

Yesterday the United States Federal Trade Commission issued a warning statement to six major manufacturers of automobiles, cellular devices, and video gaming systems. The warnings

April 11, 2018 News
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