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Staples offering $100 off tablets

Small business supplier Staples is trying to being the crowds into their stores over the coming days. They are offering $100 off any tablet in

July 22, 2011 Android, BlackBerry, Tablets

BlackBerry PlayBook approved for use by US federal government

The iPad may be magical, but the PlayBook is government certified. Earlier today, RIM announced that its BlackBerry PlayBook has gained FIPS 140-2 certification. This

July 22, 2011 BlackBerry, Tablets

BlackBerry PlayBook Android emulator leaked

The BlackBerry PlayBook may be a little old, but it still can't stay out of the spotlight for long here at Pocketables. Back when it

July 21, 2011 BlackBerry

BlackBerry Bridge approved on AT&T

Back when the BlackBerry PlayBook was introduced, a lot of people (including myself) were upset at the fact that it didn't include native email or

July 01, 2011 BlackBerry

RIM: Do these things and I'll become your customer

What you see above is one of my favorite form factors ever. That's the BlackBerry Torch, and although it's a terrible device, I can't stop

June 22, 2011 BlackBerry, Features

Developers are leaving BlackBerry OS, starting with Seesmic

Unfortunately for RIM, BlackBerry smartphones have not been selling well lately. Neither has the PlayBook; outside of total geeks and frequent TV-watchers, who actually knows

June 20, 2011 BlackBerry

BlackBerry Playbook going global over the next month, RIM fans rejoice

RIM has just announced the 7″ Playbook will be coming to 16 more markets over the following month after releasing the new tablet in the

June 10, 2011 BlackBerry, Tablets

Blackberry Playbook now available

Sticking out as an oasis in a desert of identical Android tablet releases, the Blackberry Playbook is now on sale. The 7″ 1024×600 resolution device

April 19, 2011 BlackBerry, Tablets

RIM Playbook reviews are filtering in, enjoy the half-baked goodness

This is starting to become some sort of ridiculous trend. The Motorola XOOM launched with high expectations as the first tablet to run Honeycomb (Android 3.0). This

April 14, 2011 BlackBerry, Tablets

RIM BlackBerry OS 7 roadmap leaked, coming in November?

N4BB reports on an exclusive RIM leak that they acquired over the weekend. According to the leak, consumers will see the new OS sometime in

March 08, 2011 BlackBerry
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