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RIM to hand out $10,000 to dedicated app developers

What makes a platform successful? In my opinion, it's the amount of things that can be done while using it. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have

May 01, 2012 BlackBerry

RIM reveals Blackberry 10 alpha developer device at Blackberry Jam

Last month, we found out that RIM would be handing out some prototype BlackBerry hardware at their BlackBerry Jam/World conference that is going on right

May 01, 2012 BlackBerry

RIM’s BlackBerry 10 developer handset leaked, pictured

About a month ago, RIM announced that it will be handing out BlackBerry 10 developer phones at its BlackBerry Jam event. Then, this Wednesday, we

April 27, 2012 BlackBerry

RIM to release first BlackBerry 10 device in October

For RIM, every day is important. The manufacturer is consistently losing money year-to-year, and it's most likely due to its inability to market lustful products

April 25, 2012 BlackBerry

PlayBook update includes Android app improvements, other performance tweaks

The BlackBerry PlayBook may quickly approaching its end of life, but RIM still seems to be providing the tablet with plenty of updates. Although not

April 17, 2012 Android, BlackBerry, UMPC

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook 4G being tested by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile

RIM has been a bag of hurt for a couple years now, but that doesn't mean the company won't bounce back this year. A new

April 13, 2012 BlackBerry

RIM removing ability to sideload apps on Playbook

Once again RIM is cracking down on the Blackberry Playbook. This time it is removing the ability to sideload apps. Currently if you own a

April 09, 2012 BlackBerry, Tablets

RIM no longer supporting Android apps on the Playbook

Initially, RIM promised Android application support for the BlackBerry PlayBook as a way to bolster the App World's somewhat slim selection. It took them quite

April 09, 2012 Android, BlackBerry

Amazon Wireless is no longer beta, celebrates with free apps and price matching

I've mentioned Amazon Wireless in a few posts of mine, and that's because the retailer often has incredible deals for devices and has a wide

April 03, 2012 Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft

RIM has over one million PlayBook customers

Over the past few months, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has significantly grown in popularity. The price drop is most likely what contributed to its success

March 29, 2012 BlackBerry, UMPC
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