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Welcome to the StreakSmart archives – all about the Dell Streak & Dell Streak 7.


Fry’s is selling Dell Streak 7 again, this time for $199

It's been a few weeks since the last Dell Streak 7 sale, but the folks at Fry's are at it once again. This time, though,

May 07, 2012 StreakSmart

Woot selling refurbished WiFi and 4G Dell Streak 7s

If you're interested in picking up a Dell Streak 7 on the cheap, Woot has the deal for you today. The online retailer is selling

April 19, 2012 StreakSmart

Is the Dell Streak 5 set to receive a kernel upgrade?

Have you taken advantage of PandaWill's Dell Streak 5 sale? If you have, you'll be glad to know that the device you just spent $274.99 on

April 04, 2012 Software Updates, StreakSmart

PandaWill still selling Dell Streak 5, prices them at $274.99

Look, it's another Dell Streak 5 sale! Apparently, it doesn't matter that the device has been discontinued for 8 months already because retailers will still

April 03, 2012 StreakSmart

Dell discontinues sales of smartphones in the US

I hate to start out a post asking if anybody is surprised at this news, but I kind of have to given Dell's history with

March 29, 2012 StreakSmart

Negri Electronics offering unlocked 4G Dell Streak 7 for $325.50

Did you miss out on Fry's Dell Streak 7 sale from last week? If so, don't fret: more unlocked 4G Streak 7s have shown up

March 28, 2012 StreakSmart

Unlocked 4G Dell Streak 7 just $249 at Fry’s

T-Mobile hasn't sold the 4G Dell Streak 7 in a long time, and between then and now, it was really hard to get your hands

March 22, 2012 StreakSmart

Best Buy replacing Dell Streak 5 with Samsung Galaxy Note for insurance replacements?

The Dell Streak 5 is going on two years old already. While it was certainly one of the coolest devices ever, tech changes very quickly

March 16, 2012 StreakSmart, Tips & Deals

Dell Streak 5 makes one heck of an iPhone with this MIUI theme

Do you like the look of Apple's iOS UI but don't want to give up your Dell Streak 5's 5-inch screen and all its real

March 15, 2012 Android, StreakSmart

Dell Streak Pro 101DL, GS01 released on SoftBank and eMobile, respectively

Today, Dell released the Streak Pro 101DL and the Streak Pro GS01 on Japanese carriers SoftBank and eMobile, respectively. These two devices have been in

March 08, 2012 StreakSmart
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