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Downtime delights: Favorite games for Palm OS

Even though I’ve had 8 different handheld gaming systems in the past few years, I’m actually not much of a gamer. I’ll usually eventually pick

September 30, 2006 Features

For display only: Colorful PSPs

The Sony booth is certainly one of the main highlights at the Tokyo Game Show going on right now in Chiba, Japan. And who’s surprised?

September 24, 2006 Features

So much for not smoking

Don’t tell the guys behind the truth and whudafxup campaigns, but it looks like technology and smoking have become friends. There isn’t actually a lighter

September 19, 2006 Features

UK gals can downsize their purses

GIRLY POST ALERT The Samsung S400i is one of those I-wish-I-lived-in-the-UK slider phones enabled with i-mode, a mobile Internet service that seems to be all

September 15, 2006 Features

Buyer's remorse and the UX180P

A reader named Jahayra is considering the UX180P as an overpriced replacement for her Sony Clie. She emailed to ask whether the device has been

August 25, 2006 Features, UMPC

Viewing comics on the UX180P

UK reader Dominik asked about how well suited the UX180P is for viewing comic book pages. I’m glad he included a few links to check

August 03, 2006 Features, UMPC

Draining batteries is murder

I’ve heard too many people talking about frequently and consecutively draining new lithium-ion batteries (the stuff found in laptops, mp3 players, and other gadgets) until

June 28, 2006 Features
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