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Spider-Man 0

A week with Spider-Man on the PS4 Pro

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been updating as much, well, honestly it’s not because of Spider-Man, although it could be. My kid’s school has

October 11, 2018 Games, Reviews

Hexasmash Pro and Hexasmash2 currently free on Google Play

This tip was sent in by Paul M yesterday Hexasmash Pro and Hexasmash2, each normally about $4, are currently free on Google Play. I do

July 31, 2018 Deal, Games

How to transfer game progress from an old phone to new

I don’t like working on my wife’s phone. I try and stay away from that, it’s a no win situation. However when her HTC 10’s

July 30, 2018 Games
theC64 Mini 1

THEC64 Mini brings the C64 and 64 classic games back to life

If you have fond memories of the Commodore 64, well, much like all your childhood it’s being repacked in a smaller footprint and sold back

July 27, 2018 Games
Weave the Line 0

Four fun games you can play on a plane

I just got back yesterday after taking the red-eye from San Francisco to Nashville (from Oregon, but that wasn’t a red-eye) and being unwilling to

July 16, 2018 Android, Apple, Apps, Games 0 is the Katamari Damacy Android needed

If you were a fan of Katamari Damacy and felt a little underwhelmed by their mobile paywall or Tap My Katamari game, may be the

June 28, 2018 Games
Fortnite 0

Fortnite available now on the Nintendo Switch (free)

Fortnite has made it to the Nintendo Switch and for anyone wanting to play a quick battle royale game it’s free, fun, and not in

June 15, 2018 Games, Switch
Steampunk Tower 2 0

Steampunk Tower 2, now on Steam, punk.

It’s no great secret that tower defense games are one of my joys, and Steampunk Tower 2 is currently my obsession. Actually it may be

April 23, 2018 Games
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