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What did last week’s Chromecast/Home outage hint at?

While Google Home going down for many was strange, what’s really odd was that Google Chromecast also went down. Chromecasts had historically not been something

July 02, 2018 Google
Home outage email 1

Google sends out some apologies

They have yet to apologize for the Chromecast that was down most of the day and Google Voice, which used to be awesome

June 28, 2018 Google

Software update kills many Google products (resolved)

If you’ve got a Google Home and are getting the error message that something went wrong, or that you need to download the google home

June 27, 2018 Google
Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrap 0

Google Home Continued Conversation available now

I spotted the feature yesterday in the Google Home app but was too busy with working to disable Google Assistant automatically and a bunch of

June 22, 2018 Google
Google Podcasts 2

Google releases dedicated Podcasts shortcut

I f you’ll recall, Google recently got into the podcasts game, and did it pretty well for a first day app from within Assistant. Today,

June 19, 2018 Apps, Google

Google Home and Chromecast can give away your home location

File this under possible, being patched, and not currently being exploited in the wild. Chromecast and Google Home can be exploited to give your physical

June 18, 2018 Google, Hacks
Play Console partial refund 0

Partial refunds for Play Store subscriptions/IAP now available to developers

If you’ve ever subscribed to a service or made an in-app purchase via Google Play you didn’t like, the general abilities of the developer were

June 13, 2018 Google

Google Home may now accept up to three commands

Google has for the past few months been taking two commands such as turning the lights on and setting the temperature, but now in some

June 12, 2018 Google
Toast Made custom photo etching Google Home wrap 0

How to get Google Home to recognize new devices

So if you’re like me you suddenly found yourself last week with nine devices that turn your house into a smart home/critical vulnerability, and they

May 21, 2018 Google, How To

Google Home – Location Sharing: ETA & distance

Google Home – Location sharing tutorial sparked a discussion about what other functions could be added to that system. The immediate response was to add the

May 12, 2018 Google, Pocketables, Tutorials
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