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YouTube TV apologizes for 11 cents of downtime with ~$10 credit, but you have to claim it

YouTube TV was messed up for about two hours*, this works out to about $0.11 of downtime. You should see in your inbox an apology

October 19, 2018 Google
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Mark your territory better with a Google Map

One of my side projects was a tech oriented baby/kid blog. As my kids have grown older I’ve been checking out other blogs looking for

October 17, 2018 Google, How To
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YouTube, YouTube TV and Music down for many

Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues. We're working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed.

October 16, 2018 Google, News
Google Translations 0

Instant translation now on all Assistant-optimized headphones

If you weren’t aware that the babelfish was a thing now, it is and has been for some time, however it’s been previously relegated to

October 15, 2018 Google
Messages 0

Google’s Android Messages now just Messages

It’s not Messages, the app that came with your phone, or Messaging, the Facebook messaging app, or Messages by Gather Media, Verizon Messages, nor is

October 12, 2018 Google, Software Updates
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Google Google Google, Google Google’s Google

    And about 22 more videos all involving Google’s new announcements

October 09, 2018 Google

Bigger news – Google+ data breach lasted years, discovered in March

The Wall Street Journal is reporting, but I’m linking to Engadget because I don’t expect everyone has a WSJ account, that Google learned in March

October 08, 2018 Google
Google Minus 7

In the spirit of Halloween Google kills off Google Plus

Remember Google Plus? That thing we thought might be able to take on and take down Facebook. Yeah, doesn’t look like that’s going to be

October 08, 2018 Google
Google Assistant calls for strangers 0

Hey Google, contact a stranger to give me a ride

Google Assistant now works with Uber, Lyft, Ola, Grab, and presumably others to schedule you a ride. “Hey Google, get me a ride to International

October 05, 2018 Google
Google Maps 0

Google rolling out enhanced Maps which includes real time train & bus delays

Google Maps is getting a major upgrade that includes real time bus and train delay information as well as the ability to watch your normally

October 02, 2018 Google
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