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How to get Google Home to recognize new devices

So if you’re like me you suddenly found yourself last week with nine devices that turn your house into a smart home/critical vulnerability, and they

May 21, 2018 Google, How To

Google Home – Location Sharing: ETA & distance

Google Home – Location sharing tutorial sparked a discussion about what other functions could be added to that system. The immediate response was to add the

May 12, 2018 Google, Pocketables, Tutorials
Google Home Voice Activated Speaker 0

Voice assistants potentially susceptible to inaudible commands

Can you hear me now? No? that’s OK – your Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod voice assistants probably did loud and clear, and

May 11, 2018 AI, Amazon, Apple, Google

Google Assistant to become slightly less frustrating

Google’s rolling out a lot of new features to Google Assistant, here’s a few they’re listing. New voices There are six new voices starting today,

May 08, 2018 Google
Google Logo 0

Gmail AI making it easier to accidentally tell your boss you love them

Gmail’s going to be rolling out a thing that will complete your sentences for you but one intrepid Pocketables journalist wonders how long until it

May 08, 2018 Google

Google Home – Location Sharing

When it comes to location sharing, Google Maps got you covered. What if you don’t fancy taking your phone out then navigating through the menus? 

Google Doodle VR 0

First VR Google Doodle released

Have you ever thought that the Google Doodles just weren’t processor-intensive, time consuming, and neck-craning enough? Well Google’s done something for that and released a

May 03, 2018 Google
Google Podcast 3

Whoops, I blinked: Google does Podcasts well now

Last week Google started rolling out a feature designed to incorporate podcasts into the Assistant ecosystem on Android. Podcast support is now engrained in Assistant

May 01, 2018 Android, Google

Is your home spying on you? Maybe, who’s asking?

Can you say your home assistant isn’t spying on you? As voice AI from Siri, to Cortana, Echo, Alexa, and Google Assistant invade everything from

April 30, 2018 AI, Amazon, Google, Hacks
Microtrenching 3

Unable to pole, fiber engaged in trench warfare in Nashville

Two days ago I got to work and there was a little itty bitty trench running down the entire block. Said trench was about 3/4″

April 26, 2018 Google
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