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Disable website notifications part 2 0

How to unsubscribe from website notifications

Every website out there it seems wants you to enable notifications, and now so does Pocketables. Potentially. We’ll see in the next few days whether

April 05, 2018 How To
Kitties unlock the internet from pixabay 0

Guest post: Six ways to secure your Android Device

Today’s guest post comes from Kk Ezekiel of Techzillo This has been edited for formatting, threw in some pictures, and nothing else. 6 Ways to

March 29, 2018 Android, How To
Suntrust Logo 5

How to fix Suntrust Bad Request error in Chrome

If you’re in the south and bank with Suntrust, and have used a VPN or looked at the website sideways, chances are you’re now somehow

March 08, 2018 How To
VidAngel 8

Censor the [email protected]%& Out of Netflix with VidAngel

Call me old-fashioned if you must, but I’m not big fan of the recent upswing in coarseness in the modern world. It’s crazy, I know,

cryptocurrency 0

Guest post: How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe

Today’s guest post comes from Nick Rojas: How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe If you didn’t already know, cryptocurrency is worth a lot. With Bitcoin’s

January 26, 2018 How To
Sadness 6

Surviving the loss of Sprint Google Voice Integration

If you don’t know what Sprint’s Google Voice integration was, it was mostly wonderful. Free voicemail transcription, texting from a computer, and all from your

December 21, 2017 How To

How to Group Google Cast Speakers For Multi-Room Audio

One of the best reasons to have multiple Google Cast devices in your house is for multi-room audio. It’s the killer feature for these types

December 19, 2017 Chromecast, Google, How To
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