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How to automatically reconnect Windows 10 VPN

If you’re attempting to get some semblance of stability using Windows built-in VPN networking and finding that there really is none, here’s a quick little

June 27, 2018 How To, Windows

How to automatically enable/disable OK Google detection (without root)

So after telling everyone to get off my lawn I decided to delve into this problem I’ve been running into and take control of my

June 21, 2018 How To, Tasker

Guest post: keeping your data safe online

Today’s guest post comes from Nick Rojas Protect Yourself Online The data leak at Equifax has taught us that even global companies can fall victim

June 11, 2018 How To
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How to move your WordPress site

While this is not something we particularly cover here, I try and help out whenever I’ve got some tips. I thought I would share the

June 06, 2018 How To
WiFi Analyzer 0

Got slow WiFi performance? Forget that access point.

If you’ve suddenly noticed your formerly great WiFi speeds are abysmal on your phone, and further tested to note that they’re fine for everything else,

June 05, 2018 How To
Broken Trust from The trust relationship between this workstation and domain failed 0

The trust relationship between this workstation and domain failed, a Windows fix in two lines

I was greeted this morning by a couple of computers in our network having upgraded to a new version of Windows 10 and of course

May 30, 2018 How To, Windows
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How to get Google Home to recognize new devices

So if you’re like me you suddenly found yourself last week with nine devices that turn your house into a smart home/critical vulnerability, and they

May 21, 2018 Google, How To
Disable website notifications part 2 0

How to unsubscribe from website notifications

Every website out there it seems wants you to enable notifications, and now so does Pocketables. Potentially. We’ll see in the next few days whether

April 05, 2018 How To
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Guest post: Six ways to secure your Android Device

Today’s guest post comes from Kk Ezekiel of Techzillo This has been edited for formatting, threw in some pictures, and nothing else. 6 Ways to

March 29, 2018 Android, How To
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How to fix Suntrust Bad Request error in Chrome

If you’re in the south and bank with Suntrust, and have used a VPN or looked at the website sideways, chances are you’re now somehow

March 08, 2018 How To
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