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Custom maps 0

Mark your territory better with a Google Map

One of my side projects was a tech oriented baby/kid blog. As my kids have grown older I’ve been checking out other blogs looking for

October 17, 2018 Google, How To
Sense Home Energy Monitor 0

9 things I’ve done with the Sense Home Energy Monitor that aren’t listed as selling points

Every time I see an advertisement for the Sense Home Energy Monitor there’s always the same slew of comments from people who haven’t used it.

September 14, 2018 Accessories, How To
Painter's tape 0

How to (potentially,) cut down on the dust on your electronics and breathe easier

First off this is most likely free to try, as in you probably can do it with stuff you already own and two minutes of

September 12, 2018 Health, How To
YouTube TV logo 8

YouTube TV two weeks in review

I cut the cord the other day and picked up YouTube TV as my first streaming service. As such this is not going to be

September 10, 2018 How To, Pocketables
Plex Channel Guide 6

Cutting the cord but don’t want to pay for a streaming plan with local channels?

In today’s edition of Pocketables cord cutting, we’re going to talk about how to get your local channels without paying extra for them as part

September 06, 2018 How To
Chewing through the cord 0

Pocketables Ultimate Live Streaming Guide (US edition)

Hey all, as some of you know I cut the cord after years nibbling at it. One of the biggest challenges I faced when ditching

September 05, 2018 How To, Pocketables
The Internet from Pixabay 0

How to automatically reconnect Windows 10 VPN

If you’re attempting to get some semblance of stability using Windows built-in VPN networking and finding that there really is none, here’s a quick little

June 27, 2018 How To, Windows

How to automatically enable/disable OK Google detection (without root)

So after telling everyone to get off my lawn I decided to delve into this problem I’ve been running into and take control of my

June 21, 2018 How To, Tasker

Guest post: keeping your data safe online

Today’s guest post comes from Nick Rojas Protect Yourself Online The data leak at Equifax has taught us that even global companies can fall victim

June 11, 2018 How To
Wordpress Logo 0

How to move your WordPress site

While this is not something we particularly cover here, I try and help out whenever I’ve got some tips. I thought I would share the

June 06, 2018 How To
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