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Good and EVO is dedicated to HTC coverage, including the HTC EVO series on Sprint, and the HTC One series on all other carriers. Check out the rest of our Android coverage, including app reviews, Nexus news, and more at

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Wired fast charging standards 3

Infographic: charging standards and rates

You may have seen this infographic floating around produced by Hometop, but here it is on Pocketables now with some nitpicking before the infographic. As

Gamevice Galaxy Note 8 8

Get a grip on your games with Gamevice

I am a PC, console, and Android (sometimes iOS,) gamer. On FPSs, with a mouse I’m a sniper, not the best but usually never the

January 26, 2018 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews

Talking to your kids about Meltdown and Spectre

You may have heard the greatest threat to computers at the moment are two vulnerabilities called Meltdown and Spectre and many people seem to think

The most interesting picture on Pocketables 0

Happy (belated) New Year

The past three weeks have seen an invasion of my house by friends and family, the loss of approximately 130 sq feet to toy sets

January 03, 2018 Good and EVO, Pocketables
Woojer Strap 1

Woojer Strap – dive into the sound

A long time ago I covered a product called the Woojer. It was an interesting concept but it suffered in most of my use cases

December 26, 2017 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews
iClever Boostcube+ 0

iClever Boostcube+ 40W 4-port USB charger overview

The iClever BoostCube+ IC-WB41W is a wall charger capable of 8amps of charging across four ports, or up to 2.4 amps per port. It features

November 14, 2017 Accessories, Good and EVO, Reviews

No that’s OK Google, I don’t need to know what’s on my calendar

Google recently rolled out the family calendar, this is a calendar that you can share with anyone you’ve defined as family and placing something on

November 10, 2017 Good and EVO, Google, Pocketables
Galaxy Note 8 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review (3 weeks in)

As a preface, I’ve been on HTC phones since 2009 at least, and rooted HTC phone since 2010, so some of these observations are probably

November 01, 2017 Android, Good and EVO, Reviews
Essential phone 0

Guest post: Overrated screen enlargement

Today’s guest post comes from Daniel Dur, edited only for formatting. The overrated screen enlargement  – 16:9 to 18:9 I was a fan of wide

November 01, 2017 Android, Editorials, Good and EVO
WiFi icon 0

Sprint Hotspot followup (still not resolved)

I mentioned earlier how absolutely mind boggling slow Sprint customer support was being. I was simply trying to get tethering I’m paying for to work

October 26, 2017 Good and EVO, Rant
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