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Nokia’s concept "kinetic device" bends to your every whim

Although Nokia’s London event going on this week will likely not yield any stateside fruits in the form of devices, the faltering gadget maker did

October 26, 2011 Linux

Solar-powered Intel processor could vastly improve battery life

Earlier this week at their 2011 developer form, Intel demonstrated a processor that blew my mind. It was not a 5-core power saving processor or

September 20, 2011 Linux, Microsoft

Intel resuscitates MeeGo, claims they are committed to the platform

When Nokia announced that they would be using Windows Phone 7 as their primary smartphone operating system, many wondered about the fate of their other

September 02, 2011 Linux

$300 Cordia Tab will run desktop Linux and MeeGo

   Back before iOS and Android became popular, there was a company called Nokia that made mobile devices. Although these devices have now fallen out

July 27, 2011 Linux

Nokia keeps MeeGo alive with the sleek N9 smartphone

Nokia faithful and Linux fans, rejoice. Despite Nokia's recent deal with Microsoft that made WP7 their primary operating system, the has-been manufacturer just released a

June 21, 2011 Linux

RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook gets an official price and release date

Well, its finally official. The long awaited (and long overdue) BlackBerry PlayBook now has a definite price and release date.  RIM has announced that the

March 22, 2011 Linux

HP rebirths webOS, releases Pre 3 and HP Veer

Palm's purchase by HP was a disappointment for many WebOS fans because they feared the end of their favorite mobile OS. They need not fear

February 09, 2011 Linux

Nokia N900 gets PR1.3 update bringing fixes, performance improvements, and ability to dual-boot MeeGo and Maemo

Arriving earlier than expected, the recently revealed PR1.3 update for the Maemo 5 running Nokia N900 has started rolling out internationally, available via either a

October 26, 2010 Linux

MeeGo might not be around the corner with Intel pointing at 2011

Over the past few months it seemed like things were starting to fall in place for MeeGo. The likelihood of a MeeGo smartphone launching before

October 07, 2010 Linux, UMPC

Nokia’s MeeGo VP says “MeeGone”

Has something gone horribly wrong in Finland and no one told us? Nokia’s troubles just went from bad to worse with the confirmed resignation of

October 05, 2010 Linux
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