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Preorder HTC Advantage for £495

That’s about $962. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s HTC Advantage announcement, UK-based Clove Technology is already accepting preorders for the Mobile PC Communicator. Thing

February 14, 2007 Microsoft, UMPC

HTC introduces the Advantage (X7500)

Actually, given the amount of coverage slathered onto its Athena, Dopod U1000, and other aliases, it’s really just a re-introduction. Hours before the live countdown

February 13, 2007 Microsoft, UMPC

Windows Mobile 6.0 gets renamed

In a move that I think is supposed to simplify things, Microsoft has bestowed its upcoming Crossbow (Windows Mobile 6.0) editions with new names. Pocket

January 29, 2007 Microsoft

Samsung SCH-i760: Still exactly the same

Update: Samsung SCH-i760 gets official Two tidbits about the upcoming Samsung Robin (SCH-i760) I thought were already accepted as facts have just been "confirmed" by

January 21, 2007 Microsoft

Samsung BlackJack now includes extended battery

Talk about a self-explanatory title. Samsung has quietly begun including the extended li-ion battery as a standard BlackJack accessory. Previously priced at about $40, the

January 19, 2007 Microsoft

Samsung Robin (SCH-i760) headed for Verizon

According to PC Mag and a retracted press release, the SCH-i760 smartphone (apparently named Robin) that Samsung has been rather tight-lipped about will head directly

January 10, 2007 Microsoft

Samsung i760 spotted at CES Unveiled

This is the first horizontal QWERTY smartphone I’ve seen that I actually wanted. The LG enV didn’t turn me green (not in a good way,

January 07, 2007 Microsoft

T-Mobile Dash available now

I love it when a company delivers on its promises. Two weeks ago, T-Mobile announced that their rebranded HTC Excalibur phone would be available on

October 25, 2006 Microsoft

Windows Vista on single DVD

Microsoft announced last week that all versions of its upcoming Windows Vista OS will be included on a single DVD, simplying the upgrade process when

September 27, 2006 Microsoft

Microsoft takes on YouTube

I’m not sure exactly how long Microsoft has been working on its “secret” YouTube competitor (previously codenamed Warhol), but the recent emergence of pretty firm

September 11, 2006 Microsoft
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