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Coocheer BT FM Transmitter Review, Right Device at the Right Price: $15

TL;DR; the Coocheer BT FM transmitter is an excellent and completely rational $15 purchase from Amazon that gets you great sound quality into your stereo and a good

Goodbye Zune Social, we’ll miss you

A few minutes ago, Microsoft flipped a switch behind the scenes, instantly removing the Social tab from the Zune software client on millions of PCs

August 31, 2012 Microsoft, MP3 Players

Samsung adds a dual-core processor to the Galaxy Player 5.0, calls it the Galaxy Player 70 Plus

Last year, we reviewed Samsung's Galaxy Player 5.0, one of the first Android devices to forgoe the phone and go head to head with the

March 05, 2012 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Cowon Z2 Plenue PMP with Android launches in Korea

The company Cowon has long been associated with very high-quality portable music players, and it hasn't slowed down with its releases. The last time we

February 07, 2012 Android, MP3 Players

Would you use an iPod Nano as a wristwatch?

When Apple released the new, miniature sized iPod Nano last year, a lot of people scratched their head wondering what on Earth was going on.

October 06, 2011 MP3 Players

This is why I still have a dedicated music player

These days, our smartphones can do everything. They organize our schedules, deliver important emails, take great pictures and videos, play games and movies, browse the

August 05, 2011 Features, MP3 Players

Creative releases Zen Style M300, still won't dent the iPod market share

It seems like the only mobile devices making the news these days are smartphones and tablets. As such, it is refreshing when the MP3 players

May 06, 2011 MP3 Players

Cowon D3 brings a touch of prestige to Android PMP scene

Cowon has long been a stalwart brand of the PMP scene and with its latest device, the D3 Plenue Android media player, the company is

February 02, 2011 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Samsung rumored to hit Vegas with a Galaxy trio

With CES 2011 in Las Vegas just around the corner, both the rumor mill and hype machine appear to now be in full swing! One

December 29, 2010 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Diminutive Archos A28 shows up leaving us to wonder where the rest of the family is

  After making its first appearance by name on for pre-order, the Archos 32 PMP/MID has also stopped by the FCC for the standard approval

August 17, 2010 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC
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