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First of the Archos Gen 8 devices may be inbound with appearance of Archos 32 8GB

  Remember back in April when we first heard of Archos' next-gen Generation 8 Series Internet Tablets? Said to be available later this year in

August 04, 2010 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Samsung takes a leaf out of Apple’s book for the next Yepp PMP

When the iPod touch first came out back in 2007, it caused quite a stir being "an iPhone without the phone," with the same OS,

August 03, 2010 Android, MP3 Players, UMPC

Zune HD 64 becomes official, launching April 12th for $350, with $20 off existing models

It looks like that previous brief surprise appearance was not an early April Fools' Day joke as Microsoft has officially announced the Zune HD 64.

April 01, 2010 MP3 Players, UMPC

Is a 64GB Zune HD on the horizon? [Update: firmware v4.5 on the way]

  Evidence of a 64GB Zune HD has surfaced with a brief surprise appearance on Microsoft's official Zune website shown in the screen capture above, listing

March 29, 2010 MP3 Players, UMPC

nVidia Tegra-powered Zune Phone running Windows Mobile 7 rumored to debut at MWC

For a number of years now, there have occasionally been rumors of a Microsoft Zune Phone, but these have always proved to be unfounded with

February 02, 2010 Microsoft, MP3 Players

Zune HD alive and well here at the show

It's nice to see that Microsoft has utilized a nice chunk of their booth area for the Zune HD. They are showing off the many

January 09, 2010 Microsoft, MP3 Players

Cowon V5 HD PMP runs WinCE: MID possibilities?

Cowon has officially announced its latest full-featured PMP, the V5 HD. The device comes in a variety of capacities with 8, 16, and 32GB variants

December 21, 2009 MP3 Players, UMPC

New firmware update for Sony Walkman X Series updates NetFront browser

I've always liked the Sony Walkman X Series Walkman. Its exceptional sound quality and simple interface make it a wonderful digital audio player, but it

November 27, 2009 MP3 Players

Hallods launches F43 PMP with an actual 720p HD screen

A new HD-capable PMP launch is usually a routine affair with most devices having similar specifications and featuring WVGA (800×480) screens only suitable for displaying

November 17, 2009 MP3 Players

Six new 3D games land on the Zune HD

Overall, it's been a pretty eventful week for Zune HD owners, and that trend continues today with the release of some new 3D gaming titles

November 11, 2009 MP3 Players
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