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Faster browser and more in Zune HD update v4.3

It's now been a few months since the Zune HD starting popping up in our favorite electronics retailers, but for those of us who actually

November 09, 2009 MP3 Players

There's nothing HD about the Zune HD

This guest article was submitted by Ben L. I tend to be a serious HD junkie. I like my media in HD, and I like

September 25, 2009 Features, MP3 Players

Review: Microsoft Zune HD

Microsoft's newest digital media player is the Nvidia Tegra-powered Zune HD. In addition to sporting one of the sleekest designs on the market right now,

September 23, 2009 MP3 Players, Reviews

Reboxing the Microsoft Zune HD

No, I'm not getting ready to return my Zune HD. But since my GMT -10 timezone and the Best Buy store hours here in Hawaii

September 15, 2009 MP3 Players

Save 15% on Zune HD (16GB for $187, 32GB for $246)

If the "Usually Ships: 6+ Weeks" on the product page doesn't cause you to break out into a cold sweat and you'd rather save some

September 13, 2009 MP3 Players

Zune HD is almost here

Some people like to go out on Saturday night, while others like to visit one of their local Best Buy stores in rainy weather. Judging

September 13, 2009 MP3 Players

Apple updates iPod lineup and iTunes

After wondering earlier in the week what surprises Apple would have for us today, it looks like only a few of the predictions came true.

September 09, 2009 MP3 Players

Review: Sony X Series Walkman

Before the Zune HD and what is assumed to be the third-generation iPod touch are released to the touchscreen DAP/PMP-adoring public this month, let's take

September 01, 2009 MP3 Players, Reviews

How streaming music and video are changing our habits

This guest article was submitted by Chris King. About ten years ago, music lovers were suddenly presented with a new and exciting way to listen

August 11, 2009 Features, MP3 Players

Cowon S9 now offered in ceramic white

The Cowon S9 digital media player that was released at the end of last year in titanium black and chrome black is now available in

July 13, 2009 MP3 Players
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