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Supreme Court 1

Supreme Court rules states can tax Internet sales higher

This is listed as developing as of this writing so I don’t have a lot of background info on it, but states have evidently won

June 21, 2018 News

YouTube Music is out, but it’s not ready

YouTube Music, Google’s new take on music streaming, is now out in 17 countries. The launch includes the new YouTube Music service, as well as

June 19, 2018 News

AT&T 3rd price hike on “grandfathered” unlimited plans

AT&T Customers who previously had the unlimited data plan and got grandfathered in are getting their third price hike since inception, this time to the

June 14, 2018 News, TMobile
Facepalm 0

Comcast offers $65b to keep X-Men out of the MCU

In other ISP news, Comcast has offered $65 billion cash to keep 21st Century Fox’s film and TV studios. This ups the previous Disney offer

June 13, 2018 News
AT&T death star from 1

AT&T now owns Batfleck, Harry Potter

AT&T and Time Warner are going to merge because of course they were. On Tuesday a judge ruled in favor of the merger in a

June 13, 2018 News

All manufacturers who were saved by Trump step forward – not so fast ZTE

It looked like Trump was going to save ZTE, but now Senate Democrats and Republicans have joined forces to stop that by adding language to

June 12, 2018 News

Facebook also shared your data with manufacturers, obviously

Heard on NPR this morning driving in – Facebook shared your data with plenty more companies than just that one Cambridge Analytica thing we were

June 06, 2018 News
OnePlus the Journey to Six 0

OnePlus, the journey to Six

Cut and pasted from Topcut email contribution to us Can you name the number of smartphones in Samsung’s current smartphone lineup? A lot to remember,

May 23, 2018 Android, News
HTC U12+ 2

New flagship, the HTC U12+ unveiled

Cut and pasted press release follows: Bigger, Bolder, and Edgier Than Ever: HTC Unveils Its Newest Flagship, the HTC U12+ ‘Live on the Edge’ with

May 23, 2018 Android, News
Net Neutrality Route 1 0

Senate votes to save Net Neutrality, now on to the House

Round one of three has been won according to an email I just got from the ACLU. While I don’t have much time to comment

May 16, 2018 News
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