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Netflix HDR & Dolby Vision now on 11 Android devices

If you’ve been disappointed at Netflix’s inability to utilize HD and HDR on your ridiculously expensive phone, prepare to be slightly less disappointed as the

May 16, 2018 Apps, News
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Reminder Net Neutrality in the US may finally die Wednesday

Net Neutrality in a nutshell is what prevents your United States ISP from blocking or charging extra for services you’re supposedly paying for with your

May 15, 2018 News
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Korean cryptocurrency exchange UPbit has possessions seized

South Korean law enforcement seized hard drives and account ledgers in an attempt to prove that the cryptocurrency exchange service UPbit was participating in ‘ledger

May 14, 2018 News
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ZTE’s unlikely savior might be Donald Trump

In one of the odder bits of news over this weekend Donald Trump says he’s working with President Xi of China (Xi Jinping,) to get

May 14, 2018 Android, News
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ZTE main operations reportedly cease due to U.S. ban

After receiving a ban last month from using any US made products for the next seven years ZTE, China’s second biggest telecom equipment maker, says

May 11, 2018 Android, News
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Comcast leaving cord cutters with relatively slow internet

In a case of if you need it, you can’t have it, and if you don’t need it, it’s yours, Comcast is boosting speeds in

April 30, 2018 News

Here’s What to Expect From Galaxy X, Samsung’s Highly Anticipated Phone

When the newest brands announce their upcoming phones, the first bit of news is all that’s required to put tech fans into a frenzy. That’s

April 24, 2018 News, Samsung
What might be a ZTE phone broken 4

7-year ban imposed on U.S. companies selling to ZTE

Yikes! ZTE has been banned from using any hardware products (and possibly software,) originating in the United States for the next seven years. This after

April 16, 2018 News

SprinT-Mobile talks back on

It’s possible that under the command of T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere and merged with T-Mobile, Sprint could become something more than a $32 billion long

April 11, 2018 News, Sprint, TMobile
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FTC tells companies they can’t condition warranty coverage based on parts/services

Yesterday the United States Federal Trade Commission issued a warning statement to six major manufacturers of automobiles, cellular devices, and video gaming systems. The warnings

April 11, 2018 News
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