Should we be clamoring for better hardware quality?

I've used, and subsequently reviewed, many devices in my time. And one of the most disconcerting feelings about a new device is poor hardware quality.

January 25, 2011 Features

AT&T-locked Dell Streak users see updated Software Update page, Froyo still not available

It's not the message AT&T-locked Dell Streak users were hoping to see when checking for the long overdue and oft-delayed Android 2.2 (Froyo) update, but

January 25, 2011 Software Updates, StreakSmart

Nook Color: Budget Android tablet in disguise

This guest post was submitted by Aaron Orquia. Concept Android tablets have been hitting hard and fast the past few months, and there is good

January 24, 2011 Android

Dell Streak 10 already being used to sell universal Bluetooth keyboard

If you thought the OtterBox Commuter Series case for the Dell Streak 7 spied at CES 2011 was the prime example of a third-party accessory

January 24, 2011 Accessories, StreakSmart

How to get faster 3G speeds and better music streaming on your rooted HTC EVO (Sense only)

Running a Sense-based ROM (with EPST) on your rooted HTC EVO 4G? Then here's a quick and easy tip sent to me by G&E reader

January 24, 2011 Good and EVO, Tips & Deals, Tutorials

Will smartphones continue to ship with web browsers?

This guest article was submitted by Calob Horton. Over the weekend, Apple passed the 10 billion download mark for its App Store. And recent statistics show

January 24, 2011 Features

EA Mobile offers Scrabble and other games for HTC EVO not available in Android Market

Gameloft takes a lot of flak for keeping most of its HD games out of Android Market, selling the titles available on its own website

January 24, 2011 Apps, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals

Let the pissing match begin

Competitive markets are the cornerstones of modern economy; the world wouldn’t work without them, and consumers would be much worse off if they didn’t exist.

January 23, 2011 Android, Apple, Microsoft, Tablets

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Laptops and tablets both have their strengths and weaknesses. Ironically, one of the weaknesses of a laptop is a permanently attached keyboard while one of

January 22, 2011 Accessories, Android, Apple, Microsoft, Tablets

Speck Candyshell iPad case review

As with any Apple product in recent memory, 3rd party manufacturers have made accessories to combat anything anyone would want with their iPad/iPod/iPhone.  One of

January 22, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Reviews, Tablets
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