Metallic iriver D5 multimedia e-dictionary

My iriver D26 knew its place at the top wasn’t going to last forever. But it had no idea it would be dethroned like this!

June 19, 2007 UMPC

Review: Noreve iriver clix 2 leather case

If you’re on the prowl for a top-quality leather case worthy of your new iriver clix 2, premium accessory manufacturer Noreve has you covered (no


Second-generation Sony mylo coming soon

Frankly, when Sony began giving away free mylos with every Vaio TX notebook purchase, I thought the little personal communicator‘s days were numbered. Turns out,

June 15, 2007 Linux

Unidentified device could be new UMPC concept

What’s this, then? That’s what Joe from Only UMPC has me (and himself) wondering, and just days after I took a jab at the prototype

June 14, 2007 UMPC

Kohjinsha K600 handtop has Intel inside

Kohjinsha Korea is currently celebrating the grand opening of a specialty shop in Yongsan, South Korea, which is akin to something like a Sony Style

June 13, 2007 UMPC

Compal UMD sadly runs Windows CE 5.0

Okay, well, this just makes me sad. No, not the fact that Compal’s upcoming Ultra Mobile Device (no affiliation with VIA’s UMD platform) is being

June 12, 2007 UMPC

Intel dusts off Erath UMPC prototype

One of the things made clear at Computex last week is that Intel has only a limited number of UMPC prototypes at its disposal. The

June 12, 2007 UMPC

WildCharger will charge gadgets wirelessly

It isn’t clear yet exactly how the technology will work, but WildCharge Inc. (the self-professed "leader in wire-free electric power delivery") is on track to

June 12, 2007 Accessories

Sharp adds PW-TC920 to Papyrus lineup

Even though I sometimes have to squint to see the value of multimedia e-dictionaries to the U.S. market, I’m still quite fond of them. What

June 11, 2007 UMPC

Nintendo DS Browser now available

Nintendo stayed true to its word this week by officially gracing the North American market with its DS and DS Lite Opera-based Web browser that

June 08, 2007 Apps
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