Nokia 330 Auto Navigation heads stateside

I don’t know how high the anticipation level has been for the Nokia 330 Auto Navigation, but Crave is reporting that the multimedia-enabled GPS unit

March 29, 2007 Linux

RAM mounts for Sony Vaio UX series

According to a recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association, U.S. consumers will spend more than $11 billion this year on gadget accessories. Faced with

March 28, 2007 Accessories, UMPC

OQO Model 02 now shipping

OQO announced today that its first shipment of Model 02 handtops is now on its way into the hands of customers. I don’t see anything

March 27, 2007 UMPC

Review: iriver S7

Several months after iriver released its superb S10 digital audio player (DAP), it announced the player’s younger, less-abled, weird-looking sibling: the S7. Obviously a step

March 27, 2007 MP3 Players, Reviews

HTC unveils Shift UMPC

Now that this morning’s frenzy is over and it’s already past 1 a.m. on the East Coast (7 p.m. for me), it’s time for a

March 26, 2007 UMPC

HTC Advantage coming to America

I don’t particularly care for Neil Diamond, but I can’t resist: On the boats and on the planes / It’s coming to America / Never

March 26, 2007 Microsoft, UMPC

Samsung Q1 Ultra for romantics (apparently)

Perusing the Samsung Exhibition website today, I noticed a few recent Q1 Ultra additions to the Global Exhibition Blog section written by a rather eccentric

March 25, 2007 UMPC

Medion UMPC delayed again

I don’t remember the Medion UMPC garnering quite as much coverage at CES as the Gigabyte U60 got from CeBIT, which is strange considering that

March 24, 2007 UMPC

More details on Nurian Z1

It should come as no surprise that the Nurian Z1 will never see a U.S. release, but it bears repeating because the company just confirmed

March 23, 2007 UMPC

Intel UMPC looking better than ever

The plan was to wait until after next month’s Intel Developer Forum (IDF), where four new UMPCs are expected to be announced, to be over

March 22, 2007 UMPC
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